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    The difference between flux cored wire and solid wire

    The effect of the drug core can be greater, it can stabilize the arc, improve the operating performance, and play a protective role.

    Therefore, compared with solid welding wire, flux-cored wire has a wider range of applications.

    1 Production efficiency: For the production efficiency, the flux-cored wire uses continuous welding, so the production efficiency is high; compared with the solid wire, the flux-cored wire has less welding spatter and good weld formation, so the removal of spatter and repair Time to grind the surface of the weld.

    2 Adaptability to steel: Compared with solid welding wire, because flux-cored welding wire generally passes through the alloy element of flux-cored, it is possible to adjust the alloy composition from the formula like a manual electrode to suit the requirements of the welded steel. The solid welding wire needs to be re-smelted every time the alloy composition is adjusted. It has many processes and is difficult to control, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of less consumption and more varieties. Moreover, some alloy steel solid wire has poor drawing performance, and it is difficult to draw into the required welding wire. At this time, the flux-cored wire shows its unique advantages.

    3 Cost of use: Compared with the manual electrode and solid wire, the flux cored wire itself is very expensive. But for large enterprises, after using flux-cored welding wire, the production cycle is shortened and the quality of the weld seam is easy to ensure, so the comprehensive benefits brought are very high.

    4 Moisture resistance: due to the constraints of its manufacturing form, the ordinary drug core has a continuous gap on the side of its steel skin. Therefore, the flux cored wire should not be left too long after opening the package to prevent excessive moisture absorption and affect the welding quality.

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