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    What are the tips for gas shielded welding beginners

         As we all know, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding is the most gas shielded with CO2, and it relies on a kind of gas-shielded gas welding of arc melting metal between the welding wire and the weldment. I personally think that carbon dioxide gas shielded welding should mainly be realized by spot welding arc welding when welding thin plates. Note the following:

        First, in the case of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, in order to ensure the stability of the arc, DC welding power supply should be used in the selection of power supply. At the same time, it is necessary to choose a high voltage and a small welding current when welding. Such current and voltage matching can obtain excessive dripping of the welding wire during welding. In the fast continuous spot welding method, to achieve the purpose of thin plate welding.

       Secondly, in the selection of welding wire, the welding wire with a smaller diameter should be selected, and the welding wire with a diameter of 0.8 to 1.0 is generally used. In the selection of welding process parameters, it should be noted that the current and voltage should not be too large, and the welding speed should not be too slow to prevent welding through when welding thin plates.

        The third is that, when welding thin plates, the welding seam of the long welds should be prevented from being deformed due to the heat during the welding of the thin plates. Therefore, when welding long welds, the amount of heat input should be reduced, and the welding method of welding from the middle to the two sides in sections should be used as much as possible to avoid the concentration of welding stress and minimize the welding deformation of the thin plate.

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