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    The cost of shielding gas during flux cored wire welding

        Generally, 80% of the total welding cost is labor and control expenses, and 20% is the material cost. The shielding gas cost accounts for about 1/4 of the material cost, or 5% of the total welding cost. Assuming that the cost of shielding gas is the only deciding factor, the cost of welding can be greatly reduced by replacing the Ar / CO2 mixed shielding gas with CO2 shielding gas. However, usually other costs also affect the total cost of welding, which will be discussed later.

        CO2 is cheaper than Ar / CO2 because it can be obtained at low cost. The resources of CO2 in the world are extensive and abundant. CO2 can usually be obtained as a by-product of other processes. For the welding industry, on the one hand, CO2 can be obtained by processing or separation of natural gas, on the other hand, CO2 can also be obtained by air. Because the content of Ar in the atmosphere is less than 1%, a large amount of air needs to be processed and processed to extract a certain amount of Ar, and a special air separation device is required to process the air. The air separation device consumes a lot of electricity and needs to be placed in a special area.

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