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    Flux cored wire welding machine MIG-200

       Flux-cored wire gas shielded welding (FCAW-G for short) is a very widely used welding process. It is widely used in the welding of low carbon steel, low alloy steel and other various alloy materials in heavy manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, offshore facilities and other industries. FCAW-G welding process often uses 100% pure CO2 or 75% ~ 80% Ar and 20% ~ 25% CO2 mixed gas as shielding gas.

    Let's introduce a flux-cored welding machine, MIG-200


        This MIG-200 Welding  machine can be used as mig CO2 gas , mma stick weld , and  flux core wire weld 

        Glad to know that my MIG200 welding machine and accessories are meet your requires
    Input Voltage:AC220V±15% 50/60
    Input Power:7.5 
    No-Load Voltage:60V
    Output Current Range :15-200
    Output Current Range :15-26
    Rated Duty cycle:60%
    Power Factor :0.93
    Wire Dia.:0.8-1.2mm 
    Size :410*170*260

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